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Academics Program

The Jr. Wildkit program is committed to our player’s success not only on the field, but also in the classroom, and in life. The more we can stress the link between academic, athletic and social accomplishment, the greater chance our players have to succeed. 

Each week during the season, players are issued an Academic Progress Sheet listing each class the student has, as well as the following categories: Work Completion, Standards Met, and Conduct. “Work Completion” is self-explanatory. "Standards Met” assesses whether homework, classwork, and testing have been completed to standard. Conduct includes behavior, attitude,and general participation. Teachers are asked to evaluate each participant’s performance in the classroom using the keys we have established in the form.

Jr. Wildkit players understand that their academic reports influence their playing time, and if a form is not turned in they will be deemed ineligible to participate at game time.

The Academic Progress Sheet can be found HERE.